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My Website [ & why I left Facebook, etc.]

Yes... I left Facebook. I'll end my Instagram account soon too.

Lots of reasons, but essentially, a company [FB] that can track EVERY web-based interaction while you're on FB, then create a user profile... and then allow that information to be sold to groups intending to influence targeted profiles [they looked at education level, geographic region, religious/political affiliation, and "site visitation tendencies"] of members of the U.S. electorate... deserves my condemnation -- not support.

They allowed manipulated "information" flow to targeted individuals, and insured such FB users received frequent and highly biased "news." The intent of the influence groups was to manipulate the U.S. election... in the favor of a President who today lambastes "Fake" news.

Such is America today -- those who were victimized [or is the term brainwashed?] now oppose the agencies and news organizations who would hold 'the manipulators' accountable, and somehow seem oblivious to the fact that the "manipulators" were in collusion with the Soviet Union. There was a time... not so long ago, that our populace understood that the Soviet Union was an "enemy" regime - a country that actively pursued policies and activities that directly undermined American interests. [That was the country, for those of you who slept through High School History, that put missiles in Cuba to threaten the Life and Welfare of the U.S.]

It's an odd world where enemies are held blameless, and those who stand for law and the principles of democracy are branded... 'liberal', 'anti-American' [[which absolutely has no meaning in these times... if the leader of the "free" world considers Putin a "good leader"]] and "anti-Trump." Seriously... can anyone who opposes Trump; a racist, a womanizer, a man repeatedly found unethical, if not unlawful in his business practices... be considered ... anti-American? And isn't it slightly more hallucinatory [it used to take severe overdoses of LSD to think this impossibly hypocritically] that... the group who calls themselves "evangelical" Christians.... find a man so diametrically opposed to any Christian model of moral behavior, ethics, and even legal behavior... their "God's Choice?" If you were in doubt of the phrase "God is Dead" -- this ridiculous abandonment of any Christian model and/or principal.... might be proof enough. And yes, these 'Christians' hope for a theocracy [...again, High School sleepers, that's a country where religion forms the basis for law, for liberties granted, for 'rights.' Just like Iran and Saudi Arabia!] If you call yourself Christian, and support Donald Trump... I simply can't grasp the compromises, contradictions -- outright denial of FACTS supporting him represents. Do I have an "Amen" for that? And so... I fear this 'modern' American is devolving... into a despotic oligarchy [once again, sleepers, that's a country where only those with the highest levels of influence/money are permitted power/influence. And that, by the way, is what exists in present day Russia]. Trump's American dream is a wonderland for a few well-placed billionaires... a nightmare for anyone else.

Yes... lots of problems. Any solutions?

I'm sorry -- I don't grasp a 'quick fix' for the collective ignorance that allows a man like Trump not only to be elected -- but to then be supported by a major 'American' political party. Terrifying, this scenario. The only hope, in my estimation, is that Trump's actual wall - his monumental accumulation of lies and personal indiscretions - collapses on him catastrophically... and finally he is acknowledged for what he is -- the most disgusting, reprehensible, repugnant example of human expression of our generation. And finally, that he receives the same treatment he and his supporters demanded for another candidate -- "Lock him up!"

Post FaceBook, there has to be a way to keep in touch. I know, not as easy as the 'everyone's here' place... but I'm hoping one click more isn't that difficult. At any rate, I'll post pictures, travel logs, blog a bit about life, values, how the world-might -be-a-better-place ideas, and great food/drinks [favorite recipes, wines, TEQUILA!] Bienvenidos a mi sitio web!

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