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Another Splendid Morning

Days here... have a way of startling you... and it's all because of ... contrast. I remember younger days, when every morning was slightly; challenging. Days in Canada in my teens when the temp outside was -30F... a chilling walk to school. In Kentucky, the March rains might be torrential enough to make you wonder if a bus - or a boat - would take you to school. And in Arizona... stepping outside was just a reminder of the slightly hotter oven you experienced the night before.

Here... day after day of successive... amazing. The temp varies a bit from season to season. But every day, we look out the window and see...

not bad... A little later it's more like

and by day's end... least visually, it's pretty stunning all day. And then the climate... is fantastic (very much like Santa Barbara, CA), although you'll probably travel 'away' in May [very warm, and poor air quality]. It's delightful... we still having that "Can you believe we live here?" moment... on a daily basis.

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