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Athens & the Acropolis

The Acropolis from our hotel rooftop restaurant, just after sunset.

Just inside the Acropolis, the Temple of Athena Nike.

The Porch of the Caryatids

The Parthenon

Horse statues from inside the Pantheon.

A carved detail from the Parthenon arch.

A statue from the Parthenon -- original paint still evident.

The arches of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus - an amphitheater outside the Acropolis.

The Metropolitan Church of Athens... modern Greek Orthodox.

A Byzantine era church standing beside the Metropolitan Church of Athens.

The Acropolis at sunrise - our last morning in Athens.

Paros - a paradise in the Cyclades

The view from our patio in Paros.

It's one thing to have "Greek Island" on your bucket list; picking THE island [there are 6,000 or so] wasn't easy. Lucky studied it, thought it through, and decided on the Cyclades group. I had no problem with that. From there, we eliminated the "cruise" destinations -- we had no desire to maneuver around 6 -8,000 marauding strangers in any setting. Then we started looking closely at the more central islands -- and reading VRBO ratings of host locations. We quickly arrived at our location on Paros. The island has easy access to two nearby islands, and the housing we found had simply "exemplary" ratings for our hosts; Vangelis & Tonia (property 1390226 with VRBO). Ratings are nice... but our experience with our hosts surpassed even our highest expectations -- they are fantastic! The condo was wonderful... the town, and restaurants, and view, and shopping and... all superlative.

A windmill on a hilltop near Lefkes.

Sunset through a window of the Agios Focus lighthouse ruin -- on the NW point of the island.

A church on the southern side of Paros

A golden pathway through the rocks to the horizon.

In old town Parikia a grape vine climbs above the narrow alley.

Beautiful flowers at the property we rented - Aperado.

The break wall and 'castle' at the fishing village Naousa.

The beautiful church in Parikia.

The windmill at the harbor in Parikia.

The view east to Naxos to the east of Paros.

The harbor at Naoussa.

Lucky & I with our wonderful hosts Vangelis and Tonia, and their precious children... We're so grateful we found  their property on Paros!  [[]]

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