The Photos at Rio Nazos #34 -- Mimi's place in Ajijic

Most of these photos are found at Mimi's, and all represent locations within a day's drive of her wonderful home. The "Goddess" photo is from the work of a remarkably talented local artist, Jesus Lopez Vega. While the photo is "mine", the work is his, and all 'sales' from this piece will go to the rightful owner. His studio is very close to Mimi's -- if you take the street going west just above her place, follow it down to the Carretera, cross the main road, and continue towards the lake. At the first intersection on your right [Ocampo], his studio is the home on the corner. The original work is a ceiling mural found in the Cultural Center of Ajijic -- just off the Centro Plaza downtown. His website is 

These photos are available printed on metal, canvas or museum quality photo paper. Prices vary according to the size and material you choose, and will be delivered "north" of the border at any address provided. You can contact me at to discuss specific prices and delivery requirements. Since my wife and I are retired, we're not trying to make a living from my photography... I'm simply delighted Mimi loves the images, and wants her visitors to have access if they so desire.